​Moot Webinar Session Three

Skeleton Brief 之后,想必各赛队已经紧锣密鼓地在为口头庭辩做准备啦~小编私以为,提高赛场表现除了需要下苦功夫也需要找准方向和获取一些灵感的闪光~因此本着交流互进的目的,主办方SCIA特别请来重磅后援团——来自智利、新加坡、英国的三位FDI全球优秀辩手,做一个无保留的分享~无论是在口头阶段表现更好的小妙招,赛场上的相互协作,还是团队福利的管理,我们的后援团都将剥丝抽茧进行分享,并回答选手们最为关注的问题。还犹豫什么呢?快扫描文章末尾的二维码加入吧。



Veronica Soon is currently a Research Assistant at the Policy Institute, and an incoming DPhil in Law candidate at the University of Oxford starting this fall.

She is experienced in mooting and advocacy, having previously represented Malaysia in the International Humanitarian Law Moot. She has also coached several moot teams including teams who have successfully participated in the Philip C. Jessup Moot Competition and the Law Asia Moot Competition.

Veronica has a keen interest on human rights and public interest matters. She has gained experience working in a litigation firm that specializes in public interest cases and has worked in several non-governmental organizations.


Tips on Performing Better in Oral Rounds


Flow of oral submission

How to present the facts of your case to your advantage

How to signpost your arguments

Presentation styles

Tips for Q&A


Pin Ern

Pin Ern is a final year LLB student from Singapore Management University. The 2022 SMU FDI competed physically in London and ranked among the top 10 by overall team score. Pin Ern also placed among the top 10 oralists for the year. After graduation, Pin Ern is looking forward to traineeship in a Singapore law firm, Drew & Napier, alongside three of her FDI teammates. The FDI Arbitration Moot is a great time for learning, and through it, Pin Ern also forged lasting friendships – she wishes you the very best.


Teamwork During the Rounds


Note passing/note taking tricks

Flipping the record

More importantly, the preferences of your partner

General awareness of traps / don’t hurt your partner’s case

What observers can do



Diana Esperanza Vargas Sepúlveda is a graduate student of Law in the University of Chile. She has worked in the Chilean Antitrust Institution from 2021 to 2022 (Fiscalia Nacional de Chile) , and also have participated in FDI Moot competitions in 2021 and 2022. Curently she is working on a research related to Climate Change Litigation at my law faculty.


Team Welfare During the Competition Days


What is team welfare

How to adapt to different situations that may cause some distress between teammates

Tips and tools for working on your team welfare

Mental health management during competition time

Brief summary of my experience both in person and online competition

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