The FDI Moot and its organiser (CILS) authorise pre-moots, exclusively for registered teams, on the basis that they focus on practice, not competition, on networking, and on socializing.

The FDI Moot does not organise the pre-moots and only facilitates coordination among the pre-moot organizers and their communication with teams.

The FDI Moot encourages pre-moot organizers to facilitate the pre-moot participation of a diverse field of teams, especially by virtual means if appropriate, and include not only teams from universities whose teams have previously performed well or attended a particular pre-moot.

Memorials are not exchanged at pre-moots. When scheduling matches and assigning arbitrators for the FDI Moot Globals (and its prior competitive rounds), the FDI Moot cannot take into account which teams have faced each other or which arbitrators heard which teams in any pre-moots.