Clarification Requests 2022

Teams who have received their Team Alias may submit requests for clarification of the case, e.g. of factual ambiguities, if the States have ratified a particular convention, etc. The case committee will be reluctant to respond to requests that ask for a legal conclusion. There are two (2) rounds of clarifications, Round 1 in June and Round 2 in August (please observe the deadlines on the schedule). In each round, each team may submit up to five (5) requests. Each request may contain one (1) question only. Please review below the requests submitted by all teams to avoid duplicate questions (and conserve your team's five requests).

Round 20221

Req. No: 5 Mr. Eilert Flyen

What is the leading role of Mr. Eilert Flyen in the militia?

Req. No: 2 BIT

Among 14 BIT between Rehika and other states, did any of it require Exhaustion of local Remedies condition?

Req. No: 3 investors

what Mr. Rokari mean by "third party innocent investors" at page 16 ?

Req. No: 4 Cannabin plants

Did any investors who owned cannabis plants other than Claimant, initiated arbitration proceedings against Rhekia or take any legal action?

Round 20222