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Introduction to the event
FDI Moot, as one of the most prestigious Moot court competitions worldwide, helps future practitioners gain practical understandings of the issues that arise out of obligations between host states and foreign investors. By bringing together academics and practitioners, FDI Moot further promotes productive discussion about new developments in the field of investment dispute resolution.

FDI Moot Shenzhen, as the China National Round of the FDI Moot, is organized by the Shenzhen Court of International Arbitration (SCIA) and is aimed at cultivating Chinese young generations' comprehensive quality of foreign-related legal affairs, improving the academic and practical strength of China's international investment arbitration, promoting investment arbitration and expanding the talent pool of the related fields in China.

As a full-fledged qualifying round, FDI Moot Shenzhen acts as the only approach for teams from China to advance to the FDI Moot Asia Pacific or FDI Moot Globals. FDI Moot Shenzhen also provides top teams and students with abundant awards, attractive financial support and priority of internship opportunities.